Reviews About Casey Wickstrom
A master guitarist, and his enthusiasm is infectious. Once he starts playing, he’s instantly compelling. The magnitude of his talent is obvious and his energy level is through the roof.
— Music Connection Magazine
Produces a diabolical downpour that drenches listeners in blues, rock and outright madness.
— Music Connection Magazine
Wickstrom’s latest is an effective synthesis of the various sounds and styles he’s explored over the past decade. Fuzzy blues freak outs sit side-by-side with contemplative folk fingerpicking, all underpinned by incredibly transparent lyricism.
— Brandon Roos, Content Magazine
On his new album, Bleed Out . . . The balance of bright notes and cautious optimism evokes sunshine at the end of a pitch-black tunnel.
— Metroactive, San Jose
You don’t often see artists like this until after they’re stars. But Casey Wickstrom is an exception, in more ways than one. He’s ready for the big time. In fact, he plays like he’s already there.
— Music Connection Magazine
Casey Wickstrom is a one man band. Within a single song, the multi-instrumentalist switches gears . . . looping each note and adding his own vocals to what ultimately becomes an entrancing concoction of sound and rhythm.
— Metroactive, San Jose
[Wickstrom’s] words carry a remarkable honesty . . . showcasing a bared soul that doesn’t emote at the expense of astute songcraft.
— Content Magazine
I never thought I would encounter a better lyricist than Nick Cave, well, it looks like I just have after listening to Casey Wickstrom’s latest anthemic Alt Rock single Hollywood & Vine. Along with being quite the wordsmith Wickstrom also has an ethereally raw organic edge to his vocal prowess . . . As Acoustic Alt Rock goes, it doesn’t get much more progressive than Hollywood & Vine, the high-energy feel switches from a Lo Fi reminiscence to Jangle Pop guitar riffs that even Johnny Marr would be proud of.
— A&R Factory